Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meditation: The philosophy of disequilibrium.

-St. John of the Cross

Once I said to God, "How do you teach us?"

And He replied,

you were 
playing chess with someone who
had infinite power and infinite knowledge
and wanted to make you a
master of the 

where would all the chess pieces be at every moment?

Indeed, not only where he wanted them,
but where all were best for your

and that is every situation of one's life."

Recently, I met a photographer named Roon at a business-building event, and asked her to go to a happy hour so we could chat about the right camera for my travel writing adventures. We sipped on sangrias and shared about our lives. I mentioned that in my personal relationship with my partner, I could see that we've reached a crossroads where I'm ready to move forward with significant amounts of change and he's having a harder time with the unknown coming into play.

Roon told me how she used to be a school teacher and that one of the teaching philosophies she learned was that of disequilibrium. "The idea behind it," she explained, "is that in order to keep your students engaged and learning, you create situations and environments that cause them to feel slightly on-edge or uncomfortable, so that they have to reevaluate what's happening and learn how to adapt."

I like the idea that good can come from feeling unsettled, especially because that's where I've felt my life has been for the last six months or so. My meditations lately have centered on understanding that we're all doing the best we can at this given level of awareness, and learning how to be okay with lessons unfolding in ways and on levels perhaps we're not yet conscious of.

Being around Dwayne, as he's struggling through what's most uncomfortable for him, is teaching me compassion and forgiveness. We all handle stressors and situations in different ways, but I feel that a sign of maturity is learning how to process our experiences with as much kindness, honor and respect for everyone involve as possible.

It's nice to be reminded that as we pursue our life's purpose, that we're not only doing this for our highest good, but for the greater good of all concerned.

For today's Hawk+Lily meditation offering:
Breathe into your life greater awareness, then exhale fear or blockages from your heart. Begin to have a conversation with your highest self...

What areas of your life are causing you disequilibrium? What are you learning about yourself and others from feeling unsettled and being uncertain? How have the challenges in your life brought you blessings of all sorts? 

Be okay in the discomfort as you feel yourself surrounded by a bounty of love. Understand that nothing lasts forever and breathe through the change. The more we melt into what is, the more we can embrace the idea that everything is unfolding just as it should for your greatest development. 

Trust in yourself and in the Universe that you are exactly where you are meant to be here right here and now.

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