Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy News: Hawk and Lily Inner Beauty Ambassadors

"Women are always beautiful."
-Ville Valo

I am always amazed by the caliber of people I have in my life who show me what humanity and compassion and love are all about. The women I know are the most phenomenal around! And, I'm blessed that they're willing to be Hawk and Lily Inner Beauty Ambassadors to share the joy of all of our heartmade creations on Etsy

Her accomplishments are incredible — Stanford alum, Editor-in-Chief at Triathlete Magazine, competitive athlete, adoring mom, and founder of Oeno Beauty — but that's not why I love her. I love Julia because she is phenomenally sweet, thoughtful, supportive, and strives to balance a professional career with a thriving family life. She's human, with daily concerns and to-do's just like the rest of us, but she takes it all in stride and continues to move forward with beauty and grace. And, woven throughout her approach to life, Julia truly knows how to laugh and have fun! 

From the moment you see her, Dee is striking. She's over 6' tall and has a wildflower head of dreads. What comes across even more astoundingly than her physical features is the fact that pure love emanates from everything within her. She is a successful entrepreneur with her business Kheya, where she helps people feel good on so many levels. Dee inspires people to find strength within and to allow themselves to be cared for in turn. She's independent in style and thought, and greets each day with a smile that begins from her heart. In every interaction I've ever had with Dee, I am always invigorated to grow to a fuller potential, because she believes the best in everyone. As a certified Labor Doula, she also helps to bring about new life into this world and how lucky these babies are to be welcomed by a glowing warmth that wraps you from head to toe.

There's a lot of info out there in the world wide web about why Kathryn's awesome — incredible yoga classes, exciting ToeSox spokesperson, devoted animal lover. One of her most endearing traits is her relate-ability, because she connects with people on simply a human level. Through her teaching, you get inspired by the fun of yoga and life, where students embark on a genuine discovery of all the power and pleasure we're capable of. She encourages you to believe that you can truly do that very hard thing that suddenly doesn't seem like it was that hard after all (even though it still was, she just makes you feel good about the journey!). Kathryn's committed to aiming true and encourages you to let that be your guiding light in life, so that you have a great base from which to start shifting things around. Plus, she's incredibly funny and gives you plenty to laugh about — including the lesson of learning how to laugh at yourself — and she loves food. 'Nuff said.

There's something about Roe that every time we're around one another, we get each other without having to say very much. Energetically, we feel that there's something special linking us to one another, and it's a beautiful journey to discover what that is. Roe is super sweet. (That pretty much encapsulates her essence.) She's also an incredible holistic healthcare practitioner and founder of Beacon of Light Therapeutics in Solana Beach. When Roeshan works on you, or is even around you, something feels happier because of it!

There are more wonderful women in the world who we're approaching to become Hawk and Lily Inner Beauty Ambassadors, individuals who represent all of the qualities Hawk and Lily believes in or embodies. (And, we know there are guys out there too who are absolutely awesome, so honoring you will happen in the near future, too!) If you'd like to share your story, so that we can celebrate who you are, and potentially receive a heartmade creation just for you, contact us today!

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