Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's my one-word for 2013 going to be?

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar."
~Raymond Lindquist

I've been mulling it around for a week or so now, or perhaps really for all the years until this moment in time, to figure out what my one-word theme will be for 2013. A few years back, a friend of mine suggested coming up with these themes rather than resolutions. The theme we each chose would become a focal point for the next 365 days, which seemed much more promising and hopeful than creating resolutions that often set ourselves up for disappointment, failure, or remorse. In the past, m,y words have been "Celebration," "Love," and "Compassion." 

This year? This year's word will be made of two and it'll be, "Power Pose."

I am powerful. We're all powerful beyond measure, but how many of us fulfill our potential? How many of us dare to dream big and be bold? The more that I write for MindBodyGreen, Cozy Orange, updates on my Facebook page, and even my memoir writing blog, the more I realize that we are all truly connected. Each of us, even if we haven't had the exact same experience as one another, share the same underlying human emotions and that is what brings us close. As long as we're able to be vulnerable, to be honest first with ourselves and then with others, to hold space despite how uncomfortable it is not to know what'll happen next, that is powerful.

I like "Power Pose," because it represents what I can do with my body — building up to greater inversions and arm balances. 

"Power Pose" relates to what I will do with my career — publish my manuscript, go on a book tour around the world, create well-attended workshops that genuinely help others. 

"Power Pose" is relevant to how I'll be with myself — love all of who I am, not just the parts that are easy to enjoy, but the aspects of myself that are shadowed, darker, imperfect. 

"Power Pose" speaks to the relationships I'll have — being strong enough to be vulnerable, to find a good man who'll genuinely honor and care for me, to let my friends love me as much as I do them, to be present in my family as it is today and not based on the shared past we all endured.

"Power Pose" is about being of service — how I can be the person who inspires others to ignite their own inner spark.

"Power Pose" is about living fully — by truly letting go of control and surrendering to all that life has to offer, not just what I want from it or in it, because it always comes back to the understanding that the Universe knows better. This or something better. Everything is better when you can stand back and see the bigger picture rather than getting lost in the momentum and minutiae. To be in the wonder of every day.

This year, I don't just want to build upon everything that I've worked for to arrive at this moment in my life, but I want to soar into a new way of being that brings forth all of my gifts, all of my talents, all of my heart in a way that makes life the most fulfilling it has ever been. 

May all of us find our own unique Power Pose and freely show the world what we're made of. 

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