Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Serendipity... and how this reminds me about Divine Timing.

"There is nothing more perplexing in life than to know 
at what point
you should surrender your intellect to your faith."
~Margot Asquith

Today was amazing. The more I let go and practiced faith, the more the Universe revealed herself to me.

It started by bringing a friend who I haven't seen in years to Lofty Bean. We'd spent the previous day catching up and encouraging one another to believe that the best is unfolding for us, so this morning, I begin to tell her about my friend T, and how he represents what good love is. 

"I don't think I'm ready for good love yet, but I'm working on it," I tell her. "And my friend T is just this amazing person who is what good love is all about."

Before my sentence was out of my mouth, T whizzes right by us on his bike and parks it just a short way ahead. I see his blue shoes and curly hair zipping by and realize who it is.


He looks up and smiles. I walk into his arms for a hug, and whisper "serendipity," because during the previous time we hung out, I mentioned how each and every time the last guy I was interested in would text or call, T would do the same at the precise right moment. 

"I felt like it was the Universe's way of showing me, 'Hey, here's this good guy over here... why do you keep choosing the bad guy?'" I told T.

"I get that a lot," he responded. "People often say, 'That's so serendipitous, T. I was just talking about you' or 'I was just thinking about you, and you show up.'"

The best part about this story is that after M and I had left his company, T texts me: "So I'm out riding my bike this morning and say to the Universe: 'ok, I'm going to Lofty and I'm going to meet an amazing woman there. A woman who truly loves herself, everyone and everything and capable of being loved and loving me without either of us expecting anything in return.' 90 seconds later, you're hugging me and say 'serendipity.'"

I marvel at his message, that he even took time to share it with me, and that the Universe helped our paths cross this morning. 

M & I migrate over to Cafe Ipe for me to do a bit of work, where two other gorgeous friends come to meet us. While there, I spot a good-looking man who I've seen multiple times before, and just as I was about to start conversation with him, he packs up and leaves. 

Annoyed at the misalignment, I silently ask the Universe, "Could you please balance out that interaction somehow and remind me everything's going to be okay and to have faith?" 

An hour later, a potential client and newfound friend — who I had previously met at Ipe — taps me on the shoulder. We'd mentioned throughout our exchanges that if either of us go to the cafe in the future, we'd let each other know and I had thought about doing so earlier, but hadn't yet done so.

"Hey," he says quietly.

I look up. 

"Hi!" I say, surprised. 

We end up chatting for more than an hour, rolling through various sorts of interesting conversation. All the while, in the back of my head, I am thanking the Universe for the opportunity to get to know this man a bit better, as I truly enjoy our heartfelt interactions. Whatever the outcome might be isn't up to me. I'm remaining curious, inviting in what's meant to happen for the best of all concerned, and learning how to thrive in the mysterious gap between what I am doing and what'll eventually happen. 

I have learned most recently that I have to let go of the illusion of control, because the harder I push, the more I compromise myself, which I never want to do again. Right now, all I can do is be clear and open for whatever might unfold, set a sweet intention, and leave the rest up to the Universe. 

Just for today, I enjoyed the gift of his company and stories immensely.

The sun sets and I'm hungry. Being that I'm on a 30-day healthy living plan, I head to my default happy place, Whole Foods. Before I walk in, I'm finishing a conversation on the phone and suddenly, a beautiful friend I haven't seen in a long while jumps in front of me and waves her hands. I smile and hug her with all my joy. After purchasing my groceries, I almost walk out the door before hearing, "Judy!" and turn to see another good guy friend I get an opportunity to catch up with.

After eating quickly at home, I head to the climbing gym to meet A, a woman who I've known vaguely for a couple of years and suddenly, at this juncture in time, we find ourselves kindred spirits in the journeys of our lives. I'm inspired by her strength and her newfound happiness in more ways than one, and thankful to have another female confidante who is vibrant and intelligent.

"It's so different in here at night," she tells me. "There's just so much random energy and it's really distracting."

I agree wholeheartedly, which is why though T plans to meet me for climbing as well, he sends me a text to echo exactly what A observes. I meet T outside. 

"Sorry," he tells me. "I walked around looking for you, but it was just too much in there."

"That's okay," I respond. "I agree, it's a little intense. I feel badly that you drove all this way though, and that you're not going to climb?" 

"That's okay," he says in turn. "It was worth it for the hug."

I smile. 

"Let me get my stuff together," I tell him, "And I'll come out and hang with you."

We sit in his car to escape the cold. He rings these unique sound pods in my ears and which instant turns the corners of my mouth upward for the fact that he always has a musical instrument on hand, and they're always delightful. 

After a bit of chatting, he asks, "Are you hungry?"

"Sure, I could eat. Do you like Indian?"

T laughs enthusiastically and affirmatively. I decide to take him to a little mom-and-pop place in an industrial strip mall, a place that's completely undiscerning and absolutely delicious. The tables are packed by the time we get there, so a couple offers for us to share their table. 

We do. T and I are making small chitchat, and we overhear their conversation just as they are listening to part of ours. It turns out, the couple is aiming to figure out their next steps in their careers, and the wife is encouraging the husband to play music, while the husband is encouraging the wife to pursue her writing.

T looks at me and winks. T is a musician. I am a writer.

Something the gentleman says causes T to happily interject, and soon, the four of us are having a conversation about life, pursuing our passions, taking risks, going against the grain, and discovering what each of our gifts are. The more we talk, the more we cannot believe the coincidence that is unfolding before us: she wants to pursue writing, but she's afraid of how vulnerable it will feel, and putting herself out there in that way. She's also learning Reiki. He used to be a molecular biologist, and would love to get into music among other things. T used to be a molecular biologist and is now preparing to perform in Bali.

"I'm just so left-brained," the man Dave tells us. "I need proof."

"If you need proof," I impart, "It's all around you — you just have to look for it."

Then, T and I share with them the experience we had this morning at Lofty Bean. 

"It's everywhere, miracles are unfolding in every minute," I encourage. "You just have to be open to seeing them." 

By the time we get up to leave, they are thanking us for sharing the table with them and how grateful they are to have met us. We tell them the same. We share bear hugs as our goodbyes. T and I get back into his car.

"Y'know," T pauses after starting the car. "Earlier, when I got to the climbing gym and realized I couldn't go in there again after searching for you the first time, I thought you would think that I was such a pussy," he confesses.

"I wouldn't think that!" I assure him.

"But then I realized that it was because we weren't meant to be climbing. We were meant to be here, meeting and talking to Pia and Dave."

I nod. We begin to drive, and T says quietly, "They had 'new eyes.'"

"I love that!" 

I knew exactly what he meant. They were hungry, eager to discover a new way of being that meant leaving what they've known to safe behind. They were on the cusp of discovering their truths, what they had always known all along, but were now ready to make real.

"They inspired me," I tell T, "It affirmed that I really do have to take a chance sometimes and live in the unknown. And, I think we inspired them just by being who we are and living our truths, no matter what."

"We're awesome!" T exclaims, raising his hand to give me a high five. 

I slap my hand in his. 

"We really are."

Thank you, Universe, for always being on my side and reminding me to let go and have faith. Serendipity is tied to Divine Timing, and when I surrender, the ways things unfold are truly more amazing than I could ever believe. Thank you for today.

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