Sunday, June 30, 2013

How a random phone call profoundly & subtly shifted everything — again.

"We all have spiritual DNA; 
wisdom and truth are part of our genetic structure even if we don't always access it."
~Lama Suyra Das

Just a few days ago, I got a random phone call. 

"Hi, I'm wondering if I could talk to you about renting space from your studio?" a gentleman with a British accent inquires. 

I'm used to this by now, because of my Hawk and Lily listing on Yelp I receive phone calls from people looking for certain things in Del Mar, where I'm no longer renting space. 

"Did you find me on Yelp?" I ask. 

"Yes," he responds.

"I'm no longer renting space from that spot in Del Mar. Are you only looking there? Because I can refer you to other areas in North County, as well."

He sounds shocked. "Really? I mean, that would be so kind of you!"

"Of course," I tell him, "just send me an email and I'll respond back with different studio spaces and contact information."

"Wow," he says again. "That's amazing. I'm sending you an email right now."

As we chat more, I ask him what type of workshops he'll be hosting. "I do healing," he says, "of any sort — as long as the person wants to be healed." 

"We do get attached to our disorders, don't we?" I observe.

He pauses, "Yes, I suppose we do." 

"I was just curious, because I do Reiki, and I like to learn about other healing modalities."

"Right before you said that," he remarks excitedly, "I thought, 'She has a gift!'"

At this point, my skeptical side starts to kick in and I think that in this line of work, I meet occasional looneytoons, so I don't give them much weight.  

We talk a little more. 

"I have to tell you," he says, "you are subtly powerful. I guess that's the best way I can put it, and the best compliment I can give you." 

I laugh, tell him I hear that quite a bit in my interactions with clients and students, and thank him, still not thinking much about what he's told me. We hang up. A few hours later, in the middle of moving into my new space, I decide to take a break and reply to his email with different options of spaces he can look into. As tends to be my way, I'm pretty thorough and funny in my writing, closing the email by telling him I'm curious to learn more about his work.

An hour or so later, I receive a text message from him, "Do you have a moment to chat?"

I text back, "Sure." 

At this point, I'm still maintaining arm's length in engaging with a perfect stranger. He calls a few minutes later. "First off, I want to thank you so much for your email. That was really helpful!" 

"No problem," I respond, curious as to what he wants to chat about. 

"Well, I haven't stopped thinking about you or our interaction since we got off the phone last." 

'Uh oh,' I think to myself. 

"There's something telling me that I should meet you," he says to me.

And, there we have it. "Okay..." I say, somewhat quizzically. "Sure, let's meet up. I'm open to seeing where the dots will connect." 

"Well, you said that you wanted to learn more about what I do, so would you like to meet for coffee?" I can tell he's a little bit shy about asking. 

I agree to meet up with him. Our conversation goes on for a little bit more and the more we talk, the more he keeps responding with, "Wow, you are so eloquent." 

"I'm a writer," I tell him. "It's part of my job. 

We make plans for Saturday (it's Thursday at this point). 

"Shall I text you on Friday to confirm?" he asks. 

I furrow my brows and he can't see that on this end of the line. "You'll text me tomorrow to confirm about Saturday?" I ask, pushing back a bit.

"Um, yes." 

"Okay," I respond, shrugging. 

We hang up shortly afterward.

One of my pet peeves is when people don't do what they say they'll do. Really, it's a big one for me. I like to know that I can depend upon people, which stems from my upbringing when I couldn't rely upon anyone. He doesn't text me the next day, and already I'm slightly irked. 

Because my plans for that evening get changed around, I end up having to text him about meeting earlier on Saturday. "That's perfect," he responds. "Sorry I didn't text earlier — the day got away from me."

I'm confused again, because I think that his text response was only 30 minutes after my message to him, not that long to wait, until I realized that he was referencing how he said he was going to do something and didn't follow through. 'Okay,' I think, 'I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.' Meanwhile, I'm still thinking this person is... eccentric, to say the least. We had planned to meet at my favorite coffee shop and I get there a few minutes early, chatting with the baristas who've now become my friends. 

"Are you working here today?" they ask, alluding to how I usually set up shop in the corner to do my writing.

"No, actually, I'm here to meet a guy." 

Both their eyes pop open brighter. 

"Wait, is this a date?" they want to know. 

"Um... no." And I proceed to explain who I'm meeting and why. "I'm anticipating that he's a short, older guy, who's likely very quirky." 

"Don't say that!" one of the baristas encourages. "Don't put that out there to the Universe." 

I shrug. "I'd rather be surprised than disappointed," I tell them. 

"Do you want me to pretend I'm you, so you can get a good look at him before you meet with him?" the female in the barista duo asks. I laugh. 

"That could work, except that I already told him I'm probably the only Asian person he'll see here."

"Ah!" she exclaims. 

I get a call from him a short while later. 

"I'm so sorry, but I'm running late!" he apologizes. "That's really bad form, isn't it?"

Yes, actually. That's my pet peeve number two. People being late when making a first impression. 

"It's okay," I tell him, already anticipating that the next hour or so will be a downward spiral. 

I fill the baristas in on what just happened, then go sit outside on the porch. Meanwhile, they're both keeping an eye out for me. I decide to go get my laptop and be productive, so I'm searching things online, when all of a sudden, I hear one of the baristas direct someone to me and I look up. 

Inwardly, I am shocked. Outwardly, I smile and stand up. 

We hug. 

This guy — he's tall, about my same age, fashionable, fit, and good-looking. We spend the next hour chatting together. Perhaps even more shocking than the fact he's not who I assumed him to be, is everything he showed me during our conversation. 

He asks about me, and I tell him a bit about me, what I do, where I've been in my life. For some reason, the entire time I'm talking to him, I'm thinking, 'These are old stories. I don't need these anymore.' Truly, they felt OLD. Outdated. Done.

"You know those experiences you've had, with the eating disorder and your family? Well, they happened for a reason, right?" he asks. 

"Yes, I know my soul chose them," I agree. 

I realized later that something about him makes me want to live in the now and step into my power. All of a sudden, I didn't want to keep carrying my baggage with me anymore. I truly felt to my core that they were done. Enough.

After I spend a good portion of time talking, he looks at me and asks, "Can I show you something?" 

"Yes," I say, with a little bit of hesitation.

He begins to get up from the chair, then sits back down. "Okay, the things I do are paradigm shifting kind of things, so are you ready for that?" He said the magic words — "paradigm shifting" — because I live for this kind of stuff. 

"Absolutely!" I remark. He goes inside the cafe to ask for a cup of ice, then comes back. 

"Okay, so you call it energy, but I call it consciousness. I can infuse any organic material with consciousness, like this ice right here. What I'm going to show you are the options for your life path, and then your gift." 

He places four pieces of ice in a row. He brings out a fifth, then pauses, as though he's checking in with a voice I can't hear. "Mmm, most people have 2-3 life path choices. You have 4. And, is there a fifth?" he asks aloud, but not to me. He puts the ice back into the small glass.

"So," he explains, "I'm infusing each piece of ice with a potential life path." He places his forefinger on the first piece of ice and chuckles. "Hrm, that's interesting." Then goes on and does the same physical action with every other piece. "Now, you have to choose one. Ah wait, there is a fifth." He takes ice out of the glass and places it in front of me. "That's you. Now, you have to choose one of these four paths."

"Can I place my hand over them and use Reiki to figure it out?" I ask. 

"Sure, you can do whatever you'd like."

I hover my right hand over the first piece of ice and immediately feel things. "This piece feels safe, comfortable," I tell him. I move my hand over the second, "This piece feels uncomfortable." I place my hand over the third and smile, "This one's making my heart flutter!" And then I place it over the fourth, "This one is pulling my hand to the table with so much heaviness, like I can't resist letting my hand just fall over it."

"Okay," he looks at me. "But you have to choose one."

"Shoot!" I tell him. I take a moment. "Okay! I'll choose the one that makes my heart flutter! Usually, I would choose the first one, the one that feels safe, but I'm choosing this one!"

He then tells me what each of them represent. 

"The first one is relationships and connection. Your whole life would be involved with that," and at his saying this, I get a little sad, because I assume that he's referring to love as well, and I think that since I chose the third one, then that won't be a part of my life. 

"The second one is challenge. Dramatic relationships and all that." 

He then takes another piece of ice out of the glass and places it in front of him. "Look, all of these paths will get you to here — it's just a matter of how long it'll take and what your experience will be like." 

I nod my head. "This third one, the one you chose, this one is about letting life work for you. Letting life help you out. It's realizing that you show up at the right place at the right time, while you let life do all the heavy lifting for you. It's the wise choice." 

And then he moves to the last one. "This one, this isn't for the faint of heart. This one is where you veer wildly off your path and back on it then off again, then back on again. It'll get you to where you want to go a lot faster, but with a lot of..." and I understood what he meant. "You have a little bit of this in you, which is good. You don't want to go into this last one with blind faith. So, the path you chose? That has a combination of the first and second options." 

I breathed relief that I wasn't sacrificing one of the things my heart most wants in this lifetime — love and real partnership. He then moved the first two pieces out of the way, along with the fourth, and lined up my choice with the ice in front of me and the piece he had placed in front of him. One direct vertical line. 

"Now, hover your hands over the ice and see what you feel."

I did as he suggested. The first piece felt fine, balanced. The piece in the middle also felt okay. Nothing too crazy. But the piece that was placed in front of him? The one that he referenced as where I would ultimately get to? When I hovered my hand over that piece, my hand felt like it was being pulled towards him. Towards his chest or solar plexus. 

"Wow, this one... my hand just feels like it's getting pulled towards you." 

"I know," he says, consciously. "I kept getting a lot of messages that I'm supposed to meet you." 

He then proceeds to tell me what my gift is, that it's through the power of touch. "Your touch not only has the ability to heal, but it has the power to change consciousness, to change the way people look at things."

By now, he wasn't telling me anything I hadn't heard before, anything that intuitive people haven't told me in bits and pieces over the past few years. But, this man I had never met, infused pieces of ice, with things about me? When we were through, he cleared all the ice off the table in the palm of his hand, then placed it to the side above a planter, and said, "I don't want to just throw these out. I have to clear their energy." He paused for a few moments, then nodded his head when they were ready, and tossed them into the potted dirt. 

Perhaps one of the even more amazing things that happened after the Universe timed it perfectly for us to part ways for the day, was the fact that I was heading into my craniosacral session next, the appointment that had to get rescheduled from the day before. The entire time I was driving, I felt both bewildered and excited. 

I walk into the office where my craniosacral guy is patiently waiting for me behind a desk, laptop in front of him, and I sit on the couch in the waiting room. I just start telling him what happened, as most of our sessions involve this kind of sharing. Then, I want to show him the experience I just had with the ice, so I get up and sit in the chair facing him. The desk lies between us.

"Whoa girl," he says to me, and pushes away from the table. "The minute you sat in that chair, I broke out into a full-body sweat." 

I could see it on his body the moment he said it, wet marks appearing on his shirt. "Look!" 

He gets up to turn the A/C higher. When he sits back down, he says, "Damn girl, whatever just happened, your energy is through the roof right now!"

We go through my session, and my cranio guy continues to remark, "Yeah, it's obvious. Like I said from the first time I met you, I have no doubt you are going to make a huge impact in this world."

Of course, the Universe times it perfectly that I meet with this random guy at the cafe, followed by a rescheduled craniosacral session, and then straight into the last training for my Reiki Master certification, so that I can attune others who are drawn to the work I can offer. 

When I was getting attuned on Saturday, I saw a hummingbird stop on the feeder in my Reiki Master practitioner's backyard. I don't believe I've ever seen a hummingbird stop like that and if I have, it's been an absolute rare sighting. 

Just now, as I'm writing this story, a hummingbird comes and hovers directly above me to my right, watches me for many moments, then flies around me in my yard then zips off. 

I immediately take note. Hummingbirds are supposed to represent infinity I was once told, because of the shape they make with their wings when they fly. And I had just heard a podcast about the exchange between musician and audience this morning, how it moves like an infinity sign in this giving and receiving. Later, when I arrive at my practitioner's house for the final part of my Reiki attunement training, we look up what a hummingbird means in one of her books: "Renewal: Dreams anew joy are within reach — opportunity for accomplishment, along with promising success and renewed health."

I believe that everything has a purpose and even if I don't know what that is, I'm loving the sweetness of synchronicity, serendipity, and surprise that continues to unfold. 

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