Monday, March 3, 2014

Surfing Into Surrender

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've realized that my approach to life is what I'm bringing onto the water... and, given that everything is intertwined, it's no wonder that I'm learning how to commit. 

What else has surfing in Kauai been teaching me?

  • Learning how to drop in — into my heart and intuition as much as dropping into the face of the wave.
  • Surrender — being fluid to go with the flow rather than fight forces much more powerful than me. 
  • Abundance — understanding that I don't have to go for everything. I can be discerning about which waves to catch, knowing that there are plenty more to come. I can choose the one that feels right for me.
  • Balance, being centered, resilience — when I pop up, it's imperative to be in the right place; when I fall off the board, I paddle back out. I shake off what I project people might be thinking after watching me fall, because what matters more is cultivating a confidence in myself and my relationship with the aina (land) & kai (ocean).
  • Humility and presence — getting knocked around by Mother Nature immediately gets me out of my head. Being distracted even a little bit means missing a wave, getting injured, or pure foolishness.
  • Real patience with myself — to be grateful in this awkward novice phase, because being a constant learner is a mastery practice.
  • Having fun! ('Nuff said.)

Mary Morrissey, an inspirational coach who's spent time with all the leading luminaries, says that if you go to the ocean of potential and you ask for a teaspoon, the ocean happily offers you a teaspoon. If you go with a bucket, the ocean joyfully shares with you a bucket. But if you go saying, "I want to dive in and play," the ocean welcomes you into the healing ebb and flow of the sea.

As a surfer and mermaid at heart, I love this idea that however much capacity I allow is how much divine love and inspiration flows through me. I choose how much goodness will wash over my life. No matter what's happening around or within me, the moment I get into the water, I'm brought back to a humbling sense of peace. And, even if I might feel frustrated throughout my session, when I get out of the water and my feet touch the sand, I'm inevitably more joyful than when I got in it, renewed at being immersed in Mother Nature. 

Recently, I stopped by a local restaurant after a surf session. My hair was wet and salty, remnants of sand on my toes. "Beach feet," a friend calls it.

"Did you just go surfing?" a familiar face asks.

"Yep," I smile.

"I could tell," he responds, "You can just see it on your face. Look at that after-surf glow."

Where do you find your ocean of potential? How much are you asking for? 

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